complete at last!

December 7th, 2006 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

finally finished the animation project, and managed to get it online in rather good quality, AND i put subtitles so people can understand whats going on … or at least get some idea… it doesn’t make a great deal of sense anyway, as its completely based on the imaginations of my kids.

But without further ado, here’s a link to the video on myspace (on there the subtitles are partly obscured by the myspace logo):

the dinosaur game

and on youtube:

the dinosaur game (the subtitles are easier to read on there)

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Simply amazing!
I like it very much, how many hours have you spent on this?

Best whishes, Jan

You have been working on that for ages, congrats on completing it. Too bad MySpace places their logo over the subtitles.
I love the explosion in his hands that is so well done.

awesome – esp. love the little things – shadows and lighting – backgrounds of the room, pics on the wall, etc…

SophieMuc wrote on December 7th, 2006

ok, now with subtitles it makes more sense :-)
it’s really cool I can say again, and I love the voices of your sons!
and I agree with .myke about the myspace logo… :-/
anyway, congrats on completing it! Now I’m looking forward to some new splendid photos :)

i’ve put it up on youtube now as well, there’s no logo there obscuring the subtitles;)

Kudos, Rebekka.
Very enjoyable. Excellent lighting and I think the animation captures a childlike sensibility in conveying the conversation. Of course, clay automatically helps with that as well.

The open door is a nice touch. I don’t know if it was intended, but with the foreknowledge that if is a conversation between your boys, the open door suggested to me your presence throughout the conversation. Somebody with feathers does peek through the door, but it hardly looks like yourself. :-)

Jolly good show that. Didn’t pick something easy to do did you? Well done.

I love the pictures on the wall ;-) And the language of course. Sounds like music.

This makes me wonder how many minutes you cut.

Jonathan wrote on December 7th, 2006

What natural skill and creativity you demonstrate! Fantastic animation! Great overlay on your children’s conversation!

Vel gert. Á að gera meira animation?

rebekka wrote on December 8th, 2006

an efa..

I liked the effort you put into this.

I enjoyed the animation and detail. I didn’t really “get” the story or the point of it – it kinda just started and then kind just ended.

But I think you did a great job of representing the conversation.

Wow, you did a wonderful job. You are quite an artist! Is there something you are not good at? ;-)

Hey great work, is fuckin amazing. =D

excellent work!

though i couldn’t understand what your kids were saying, they sound absolutely adorable. from the subtitle, their vivid imagination cracks me up! i love the bit where you shot the mirror reflection :)

Rebekka, that is fantastic!! You really know your cinematography. I knew you’d take amazing pictures but now you’re making amazing short films too!

I LOVE YOU. Hehe, I really love your photography! And it rocks you can be seen in a busstop now. That really rocks. Again, i really love your work, I watch your photos everyday like a 100 times.


it’s really amazing, great imagination, and great work…..really it’s impressive
i’m speechless

yes i will have to agree that amit is the shizzle, he is my fav drum artist too, but digital and spirit are also part of my fav trio

Wonderful work Rebekka. I can only imagine the hard work that you have put into this. The subtle flicker of the reel in the background, along with your children’s voices lends itself so suitably to, what I believe, is the perfect vehicle for realizing such childlike sensibilities. Stop-frame clay animation. The colours are vivid and spot on and I was quite intrigued the entire duration.

congrats on a job really well done.

thanks. Oh, btw, i finally got my grade for this in mid-january. 9.5, out of 10, my highest grade ever:)
quite happy about that..

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