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November 21st, 2006 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

if you didn’t know this already, i will tell you, animation is THE most tedious art-form ever.. My eating and sleeping habits have gone to hell , and still i’ve only just started creating actual footage… just now i completed the 3rd scene out of….. sigh. 40. 2 weeks more of this torture to go til i get back to my beloved photography.. i realize that last time i did an animation project i started out just as optimistic and excited as i was two weeks ago, and ended up in a zombie-like state near the end.. I wonder if that’s the normal state of people that do this for a living…

anyway, here’s a few peeks:)

not all the scenes occur in the bedroom set pictured in the previous post… im not even gonna try to explain the plot of this bizzarre little story:p





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John Brady wrote on November 22nd, 2006

Don’t be so particular, it’s only an exercise. You can probably get a good effect with half the planned number of frames. Do you make the figures yourself? Are you going to include someone on a motorcycle?

I totally know what your talking about. I did animation for about two years before finding photography. Honestly it seems like a walk in the park after animating. The time spent is about the same, it’s just less draining. There is no better way to get fired up to photograph again :)

I’ve been working in animation for over a decade now, and yes, my state can often be described as “zombie like”. It’s an incredibly tough job. And it becomes tougher, tedious and even soul-sucking when you work on a lousy project. But hey, it’s what I do. Haha.

I wish you good luck on your own project and I hope you get to complete it on time. As you know the best part is seeing the final product!

@john brady: “don’t be so particular, its only an exercise”
It may not be a paying job or something that will change my life, but i am however creating it for my kids to enjoy, and kids are harsher critics than most, and i just really want them to love it:) So there’s no reason to put anything other than 100% effort into it…..
Besides, since this is the second time i do a final project for an animation course at this school, i feel this time around i need to do better what i didnt’ do well enough the first time (and i was tempted once too often then to do a 300 or 400% time-stretch instead of 200%.. and all movements were annoyingly jerky and not the way i wanted)

Nope, im gonna continue being a perfectionist;)

I am one of those who have been admiring your work and following your posting for a while. I did feel disappointed in not being able to see new pics whenever I logged on. But like you say, we are all probably spoilt with your frequent posting and kind of expect you to continue to do so. I can see what you are into now and your determination to get things 100% perfect. Have fun and enjoy what you are at now and I wish you all the best! BTY, I’m from one hot country on the other side of the globe – Malaysia!

Hang in there… you will be pleased with the results! The characters look great. Put it this way.. your photo work, plus raising two kids and going to film school is already mind-bending as it is. :)

SophieMuc wrote on November 22nd, 2006

the characters really look so cool! Can’t wait to see the final result and find out what happened to the dinosaur! :)

This is so great, I can’t help but wonder what they are talking about. This peak at what you are doing is wonderful. Looks very interesting. Looking forward to seeing the final work, at least I hope I see it. : )

Hello, nice pictures indeed, but do you have an RSS feeder, to feed it to my “Friends Page” @ (another blog space)?

Thanks & have a nice weekend!

Oh it’s not necessary I already found it, Will be waitin’for new pics! :)

meticulous detail and very cute. so, you would have had to make them and then, move them. how many frames a second? Must have been really time consuming…

25 frames a second. And it still is time-consuming.. im not nearly done.. Just creating the figures took a week..(there’s one more besides those two).. i was going to have them really simple , and somehow got carried away:p

this is wonderful and if anything, I love the photos you were able to capture with it! Your work is amazing!

Mental, I just would not have the patience. I really wouldn’t. Still I hope that you post the video. “More cheese Gromit?” type thing…

So is the blonde boy modelled after one of your sons? If yes, whoa! They must love you to pieces.

It’s excellent that you’re doing this and putting in so much effort not only for your kids but also for yourself. Reckon you will feel an immense sense of satisfaction when you see the final product after all your hard work :)

Just to explain a little what the project is about: I chose a video clip i took of my kids more than 2 years ago, when they were around 4 and 6. In this clip (which is priceless, by far the most amusing i’ve ever recorded of them) their lost in some make-believe game about a sick dinosaur that has to be taken to the vet.. although its a pretty confusing and non-sensical dialogue. I edited the clip down to a minute and a half, and am creating a new “video” to go with the sound.. both re-creating them talking in a room, and adding scenes to go with the imaginary scenarios they’re talking about.
Im thinking of adding subtitles when its complete…

the blond boy isn’t exactly modeled after my younger son (that would have been far too difficult on such a small model), but he does play the part of my younger son:)

animation – tedious yeah… but so rewarding… if it comes out anything like your photos it will rock :D

those characters look like a ton of fun! awesome work on making(?) the characters as well. it sounds like a really fun, really amazingly tiring project as well. keep it up!

yes, i handcrafted the characters, from an assortment of things, i used plasticine for the heads, pipe-cleaners for the arms, and my sons bionicle lego toys came in handy for the torso’s and legs of the two young boy characters (i had made them all first out of wood and wire, but they couldnt possibly stand or move around in any effective way like that.. the old guy only has to sit so i left him with wire legs.. fell over on his face tho halfway thru one scene where i was making him take off his glasses and lean over… i wasn’t amused)

Jonathan wrote on November 29th, 2006

I can see already by your project description that it will be great.

Similarly, I am trying to conjure a narrative synthesis of my infant twins’ ‘expressions’, though I am clearly far less committed.

OMG you are like so amazng

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