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.. should NEVER be thrown away, i’ve found. I frequently find some rather amusing stuff when browing my archives from a year ago..
Now, some people may recognize this:


as one of my most popular photos ever..

i made a few “spoofs” of it around the same time (october 2005 this was). Ended up not showing them to anyone..

Dug them up finally.  If i remember correctly, then the first two were supposed to depict two “actresses” out of three getting ready for their roles, with the mirror-me not paying attention.. the me in the t-shirt first notices the mirror-me turning her back and mentions it to the putting -on-trousers-me, who then takes a look while t-shirt-me tries in vain to get mirror-me’s attention…   Sound confusing? er.. welcome to my brain:p



this third one was imagined as a direct follow-up to “what you don’t know…” , where instead of the crafty me with knife doing away with the innocent me drinking from the faucet, she’s instead discovered and tries to look nonchalant..  but of course after making it i decided the original photo said all that needed to be said, and keeping the “ending” open seemed far more appealing;)


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I think it might be one of the few pictures on your stream I totally missed! but I find it brilliant, or as the brits would put it WICKED!!! Thank you

the look on “crafty you”‘s face on the last picture is absolutely brilliant! Great series, but you are right, the first one says everything :)

I like them all, great to hear the story behind them too.

or as we yanks say, “YOU ROCK!”….

love all your photos….

Wow thats great. It’s always fascinating to see an artists thought process. Thanks for sharing!

I think the “oh shoot I’ve been discovered” has the most potential of the outtakes. I’d love to see ‘mirror-me’ pointing and laughing :)

You mentioned working on an animation project on flickr, I hope it goes well! I used to be an animator until it sucked all that was living out of me. Thankfully photography has re-kindled my passion for art. It’s funny how inspiration and motivation can be found in other areas of art. Don’t worry, you’ll get your photography inspiration back! Sometimes after a little success it’s hard to know what to work on next.

joejoejoe wrote on November 8th, 2006

That third photo is so cool. It’s amazing how your face (on the left) changes with pursed lips and slightly raised eyebrows. You go from fresh faced to devious in that photo more than in any you’ve posted.

What a mnd you have! Nice to see the series here; FWIW I think you chose the right one to show originally.

Thanks for sharing these shots. Amusing story …

I really like the first one (the one you published before) with the very last one. It’s true you don’t NEED that last one, but I rather like the humor that comes up when they sit side by side.

Hey! This is one of my favoritue pics in your streem! (the other one is you in the car in the mirror, B&W)
Great to see more of them, good choice with the one you had uploaded on flickr, it is the most interesting, however other ones are very cool to.
I like the third one, with “it wasn’y me” look on your face…!

That is so weird that youre talking about this photo because I’d just paid an homage to it with my photo “Be Silent. Be Still” (http://www.flickr.com/photos/thevjmporium/274176091/) on Flickr

I remember this photograph, It’s in my faves! :D
I love it

Nice to see the spoofs of it! :D
great blog!


Hi Rebekka! I loved your pictures and you know what, I’m studying graphic design and I’m taking this editorial class and we’re supposed to design and create a magazine, obviously I made it about Photography -which is my passion- and I had to make or get articles, and I put you in my magazine hehe everyone loved your pictures! i talked about you and your achievements, hope you to see my magazine or a PDF someday XD

congratulations :) greetings from México!

I loved your pictures “YOU ROCK!”….

A big Fan Of your Blog

Je suis en TOTALE admiration face à tes photos. TOTALE.
(oui j’écris en français, je suis trop nul en anglais)

voilà ça c’est dit.

I very love them,too
Always great and creative idea with you

Richard Poole wrote on November 22nd, 2006

I certainly do remember it, and I still think it’s your best photo (set) to date. I’m sure multiplicity shots have been around for ages, but you successfully proved how cool they could be with a little imagination.

The first two outtakes are great! I can’t believe you put so much thought into it. But I’m glad you decided to keed the ending open on Flickr, it was much better that way.

wow … this is very creative. I love how we have to think.

oh! those pics really freaked me out. i thougth:”oh! she is one of the twins”… stupid me!!

very nice pictures with action! :)
MAybe, do you have more ?

I really like this. The sandwhich effect of awareness on each side, both a bit beyond the normal with unsuspecting “ordinary” in the middle. Your “subjects” are so lovely, all of them! I found you on a stumbleupon page.

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