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October 22nd, 2006 by Rebekka in

i’ll put up pics from the exhibit (that was opened yesterday) tomorrow ..








26 comments for this post


you have skills! fantastic photos.


Very nice, my fav’s are the photo’s with you in them, wonder why? :)


There’s so many different executions here, you must have shot thousands of photos throughout this entire project. THey all look absolutely great :)

From the above, my fave is the one where you’re (both ;p) out of focus, cool!

Thanks so much for sharing your pics to all of us. It really is very inspiring.


Nice, as always !
But it’s sad that your html attributes for the size of the pictures don’t match their actual size.. Your pics look a bit pixelised like that..
Still, great Job !


fantastic set of photographs, found via your flickr page. :)


Hi Rebekka!

I´m really enjoying this blog! Thanks for showing more of your fantastic work. I will visit this site regularly.

Best regards,

Nigel wrote

my my you are gorgeous


You’ve definitely added a new angle to car ads/photography ;)
I also enjoy the one where you and your twin are out of focus (seconding what one of the previous commenters said)!


These are absolutely wonderful and totally pro material. You should post a few of those on your Flickr page so we can see them bigger. I really dig the long exposures with the car too.


Good stuff Rebekka! They got their money’s worth, I think. By the way, that girl who needs a sweater? I knw someone who can knt one for her :-)


Great pictures. So how many pics did you make in total for this campain? Congrats on the exhibit!

Jonathan wrote

What kind of guidance did you get from Toyota’s agency.. was is pretty loose?.. or the they spec stuff beforehand?


I hope you made a fortune. These absolutely rock!

james wrote

hey these look great , the out of focus one is my fave, adds a whole different dimension to the double images.

you should make a film out of this idea, with some banging squarepusher over the top of it lol!! !!


I love the one with you in the car driving! How wonderful that these photos made it out to print! You have to be soo excited!


Mjög flottar myndir, 1, 3 og 7 í uppáhaldi held ég annars allar mjög töff. Flott project


Fantastic pictures rebekka, would like to see them in Berlin too !!!


Keep up the fantastic work!

Raja Ghosh wrote

Hi…. I have see ur pics its ready fantasitic…..

Raja Ghosh wrote

i have see ur pics its realy fantasitics ur miking is soo natural… what tool u have use for it..

Lou wrote

Great to see your talents getting bigger attention. Keep on rockin’ Rebekka.


[...] Someone took the same idea an applied it to a silver Prius (just like mine). The results are stunning and beautiful! [...]


Beautiful pictures. I love the artistic flair that you’ve put on my car (also a silver Prius).

Well done!


Awesome Shots :)


I can use one of your photos in an article that I will publish on the Prius?
I would want to publish the article in my site ( no-profit ) dedicated to the rinnovable energies ( )


lindsay paul wrote

i found a blog of yours with mothers milk surfboard wax as the title but i cant open it like these ones.i love your work and dont want to miss any how can i open it? pleese help. lindsay

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