The night i ate an eyeball

October 21st, 2006 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

There. Thats a caption that should grab people and get their attention. The funny thing is, its actually true:s

Now, as some people know and others don’t and couldn’t care less about, i’m an avid drum’n'bass fan and am deeply involved with icelands only d’n'b club, because my boyfriend is one of their main promoters. Anyway, for this years Iceland airwaves festival, Amit came here and i got to hang out with him quite a bit. He played an absolutely AWESOME set on thursday night, for the first time i took my 5D to a club, here’s a few shots from there: (i used second curtain flash (never really used that function before), bounced from ceiling, i really like how these came out, (by club photo standards that is)
5.jpg 4.jpg

2.jpg 3.jpg

1.jpg 6.jpg

There was a party afterwards and that kinda brings me to the title of this post. Now, because my friends at are a pretty fucked up bunch (in the best way) with a wonderful sense of humor, they’ve made this tradition of making their foreign guests try out one of icelands true delicacies, sheeps head. Sound yummy? yeah, i thought so. Its gross. Some people actually eat it and enjoy it, but im not one of them. Ok, so anyway, Amit had been told beforehand that he’d have to try it, and i was discussing this with him earlier in the evening and he says “ok, but you have to eat some as well” to which i mumbled some very non-enthusiastic reply. Ok, so at the party someone brings out this sheeps head (its cooked, of course, but the eyes are still in it and the teeth and well, its just gross)

Well, amit takes a bite, seems to find it ok and then says really loudly “Ok rebekka its your turn” and (this is where i realize he’s a bit of a mean bastard) he slices out the fucking EYE and says “open up!” and im like “no way am i eating that” and people start kinda cheering and im like “goddam” and after a momentary stubborn attempt to not give in i end up just eating the damn thing.. chased it quickly with a gulp of gin and tonic and it didn’t really seem that bad..
The next day was when i started really feeling queasy tho. Just thinking about it now im feeling rather queasy..

anyway, tomorrow or the next i’ll write a bit about the opening of my first real “exhibit” (all part of the toyota thing) , which was today, im so so relieved thats all over and behind me. Way too much attention for my taste. But more on that later:)

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joejoejoe wrote on October 21st, 2006

Trompe-l’œil photos, mange-l’œil appetizers.

I wouldn’t suspect you for being a fun of drum’n’bass. Pretty cool Mom :-)

OMG you really eat that???? :D

BTW drum ‘n ‘bass rulez. Hope to see your “exibit” soon?

SophieMuc wrote on October 21st, 2006

congrats on the exhibit! Can’t wait to hear more about how it went!!! :-)

and I can’t imagine eating sheep eyeballs – yuck! congrats on doing that as well!!! *g*

Nice photos. The African people here in South Africa eat sheep’s head too. They call it “smiley”, for obvious reasons. :-)

Funny story, btw, did anyone take a photo of you eating the eyeball? Just kidding, I don’t think I really want to see that. ; )

hey it’ll be kinda cool to have a look at someone, anyone!, eating that eyeball ;p



great crazy sheep’s head story

global beatz forever ;-)

Stumbled onto your web page. Awesome photos. Love `em. I thought eating eyeball only happens in Fear Factor. :)

The second curtain effect is great. I have to try that out someday. And I have to check out Amit’s music as well. Never heard of him before, but I like drum ‘n bass.
I can’t believe you actually ate an eyeball. I think I would throw up just seeing the thing on a spoon. I guess you must have had a few drinks before that snack to just open up and eat it. So how did it taste? Argghhh, never mind.

You have a blog! How coincidental – I gave the link to your photos to a friend & suggested he rent the DVD of a movie called Cold Fever, which features this Japanese guy travelling through your country in order to put his parents (who dies in an accident there) to rest with some arcane Japanese ritual.

Anyway, the point is, there is a gratuitous eyeball eating scene, which I mentioned to him.

Not for me.

You are an amazing photographer, and I have signed the petition, and urged others to do so.

Heh, the eyeball was appropriate for a photographer… ;-}

I was about to say that there should be more people like you in this world, but Drum’n'Bass… Hmmmm ;-)

Just kidding. Keep up the good work and have lots of fun!

Afterthought: It’s a long time since I visited Iceland, but it was a very pleasant experience and your photos remind me of the time there. I really should drag my girfriend there for a few weeks in the summer :-)

Just went through your whole website. Great Work !

If you were in Spain that thing of eating sheep head would not be strange. Well, not sheep, but lamb which is more tender. My brother really enjoys kidneys, brains, eyeballs, tongues… :D

Anyway, we eat here lot of things weird for not Spanish people…

BTW, great collection of pictures in Flickr!

Amazing pics was completely immersed by that alone – but also into dnb?! So ramdomly showed up here! how freaky! Keep up the good work and watch out ofr eyeballs…;)

morsosky wrote on May 16th, 2007

oh rebecca – i love your pictures and i only found the site bc of digg. now, i only say this bc im a medical student and all – you shouldnt be eating sheep anything raw. gotta cook it. you might want to go get tested for echinococcus or at least look it up. wouldnt want anything to mar your beauty in your pictures :)

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