something looks fishy here…

October 26th, 2006 by Rebekka in Uncategorized


just wanted to share the fact that i got a new lens today;)

think i may have some fun with this one..  and it was relatively cheap compared to some others id been yearning for, which is not a bad thing..

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more prius photos…

October 22nd, 2006 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

i’ll put up pics from the exhibit (that was opened yesterday) tomorrow ..








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The night i ate an eyeball

October 21st, 2006 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

There. Thats a caption that should grab people and get their attention. The funny thing is, its actually true:s

Now, as some people know and others don’t and couldn’t care less about, i’m an avid drum’n'bass fan and am deeply involved with icelands only d’n'b club, because my boyfriend is one of their main promoters. Anyway, for this years Iceland airwaves festival, Amit came here and i got to hang out with him quite a bit. He played an absolutely AWESOME set on thursday night, for the first time i took my 5D to a club, here’s a few shots from there: (i used second curtain flash (never really used that function before), bounced from ceiling, i really like how these came out, (by club photo standards that is)
5.jpg 4.jpg

2.jpg 3.jpg

1.jpg 6.jpg

There was a party afterwards and that kinda brings me to the title of this post. Now, because my friends at are a pretty fucked up bunch (in the best way) with a wonderful sense of humor, they’ve made this tradition of making their foreign guests try out one of icelands true delicacies, sheeps head. Sound yummy? yeah, i thought so. Its gross. Some people actually eat it and enjoy it, but im not one of them. Ok, so anyway, Amit had been told beforehand that he’d have to try it, and i was discussing this with him earlier in the evening and he says “ok, but you have to eat some as well” to which i mumbled some very non-enthusiastic reply. Ok, so at the party someone brings out this sheeps head (its cooked, of course, but the eyes are still in it and the teeth and well, its just gross)

Well, amit takes a bite, seems to find it ok and then says really loudly “Ok rebekka its your turn” and (this is where i realize he’s a bit of a mean bastard) he slices out the fucking EYE and says “open up!” and im like “no way am i eating that” and people start kinda cheering and im like “goddam” and after a momentary stubborn attempt to not give in i end up just eating the damn thing.. chased it quickly with a gulp of gin and tonic and it didn’t really seem that bad..
The next day was when i started really feeling queasy tho. Just thinking about it now im feeling rather queasy..

anyway, tomorrow or the next i’ll write a bit about the opening of my first real “exhibit” (all part of the toyota thing) , which was today, im so so relieved thats all over and behind me. Way too much attention for my taste. But more on that later:)

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holy crap…

October 17th, 2006 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Ok.. I’ve known for two months that the images i created for the toyota prius campaign would eventually be made public…

but today, actually seeing my photos printed out really big displayed all over Reykjavík and nearby towns just left me feeling beyond weird:s

Here’s a snapshot i took of one of the busstops last night (theres a better photo of a different sign on my flickr page)


here are the pictures that i know have been put up, there’s one or two more i haven’t seen, but i know there were nine in all:









these are being displayed in 200 locations in all:|

In addition there are several more photos (emphasizing the car more) that will be used in different ways, plus this saturday all the photos will be displayed (printed pretty big) at the toyota dealership at this promotional thing for the Prius (and two lexus hybrid cars).

I’ll take pictures there as well.

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hey people

October 10th, 2006 by Rebekka in Uncategorized

Ok, finally i get around to writing something here. (Unfortunately i chose a moment when i have absolutely nothing of interest to say. Probably due to the fact that i was up most of the night nursing a sick child and my brain is off.)

Regarding this new website of mine, i plan on adding content soon.. There’s a few tiny glitches that need to be taken care of. I may or may not set up an online store in the near future… that’s on my to do list in any case. Mostly i just wanted this as an alternative to viewing my photos on flickr, i plan on having only my very best (in my oppinion) photos displayed here , and i feel they look so much better here than on flickr ;)

i’m also going to use this as a vent for when i need to rant, something i imagine i’ll be doing a lot of once i get the hang of using a blog in the first place. And i may also throw pictures in here (in the blog) that are somehow not what i’d post on flickr. Maybe more of my bad stuff :)

Til then, keep enjoying my flicrk page, and stay tuned for what’s to come here. i’ll put up an anouncement when i’m completely ready to “launch” this site :)

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